About Ferroli

Ferroli Group, The European Multinational Giant of industrial and domestic heating, conditioning, refrigeration, thermo sanitary is glad to present the latest range of electric glasslined water heaters aimed at improving the quality of your daily comfort.

Ferroli the latest line of glasslined water heater which combine advanced technology with an essential yet very versatile design, meaning the appliances can be installed in both existing homes and modern residential structures.

The series are available in models with capacities of 5 liters (either above or undersink) to the large 200 liters, vertical or horizontal.

The new production lines for the Ferroli glasslined electric water heater are highly auto-mated. An effective computerized control system guarantees the standardization of high level of quality achieved.

The checks performed from the design phase right up to the final testing reflect the consolidated strategy of the European Multinational Giant Ferroli Group and ensure the quality of the glasslined electric water heater, just like all the other products, the efficiency, safety and technical/constructional sturdiness that satisfy even the most demanding expectations of our customers.